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Welcome to Unity Yoga

Unity Yoga Studio is a relaxing, intimate space where you can learn the health transforming practices of yoga. We believe yoga is beneficial to everyone. There are no prerequisites to practice yoga. At Unity, you can experience the power and tranquility of the ancient practice of yoga as you are…today. Our classes and workshops focus on what individuals have said they want and need from yoga. Simply put, it’s yoga wellness where you need it the most.

Unity provides you with personal wellness where you need it the most

Many people turn to yoga to address common physical and emotional health issues that stem from living in a hectic, productivity-driven world. Common factors like family and career stress, long car commute and excess computer time often results in neck and back pain, poor sleep, loss of energy and a chattering mind that won’t easily settle or focus. We have responded with monthly yoga-based wellness workshops that help dissolve these all-too-common health issues that keep us from enjoying life. See our workshop schedule to find a topic that ails or interests you. Hurry and reserve your space online. Space is limited.
  Experience the health-transforming benefits of yoga

Yoga offers many benefits that often increase over time. It is a personal practice; therefore the benefits you experience apply to area where it’s needed the most. Here are some of the many benefits you may experience over time.
Reduced stress and anxiety
Increased energy and better sleep
Increased strength and flexibility
Better weight control
Improved concentration and balance
Improved respiration and vitality
More toned muscles
Enhanced immune system
Increased mindfulness and body awareness
Mental calmness and sense of peace
Pain prevention and reduction

Private yoga sessions for individuals and group events

Private yoga sessions are a personal and effective way to improve your practice and health. In a personal session, we can develop a practice that focuses on your body type and goals. Private sessions are also a great way to quickly advance your knowledge of yoga asana (postures) and philosophy. Find out if private sessions make sense for you. To book a private session or check availability, visit our online schedule.
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